Massage in Lucknow - Body To Body Massage Along WIth Female To Male Massagex

Lucknow is one of the best massage hub in India. In this “City of Nawabs”, massage is been practised from the prehistoric times as it is believed that this is the best remedy for various disorders of the body including the relaxation of the body and purity of the soul. According to 15.4 million people using massage theraly in alone USA and in India only have 6.8 million. We are proud to offer the superior Spa and massage service that tends to pull off the tag of the reputed massage parlour in the city.

At the Apple Spa based at Lucknow we provide a lot of massage service which includes:

● Body To Body Massage
● Female To Male Massage
● Thai
● Swedish
● Ayurveda
● Nuru Massage
● Acupressure Massage

And much more with added flavors of Aroma massage service given complimentary for expanding our valuable customers radius. Lucknow being a emerging places in all the sectors and a hub of culture and communities.

With the past of the body care Apple Spa also works for the extensive care of the human body from various types of pain and pressure which are flowing these days in every second person. Massage service in Lucknow is best for giving a break to hustle and bustle lifestyle prevailing.

In the hub of massage service “Apple Spa” In lucknow has been awarded as the “best massage parlour in lucknow” along with “Best Spa In Lucknow”. This credit is not based on the infrastructure or advertisement, It is due to the customer service and the cooperative staffs team held at Apple Spa Lucknow.

What Massage Or Spa Actually Resemble To?

Massage can be referred as the fine arts of rubbing and kneading the muscle and joints of the body parts which gives instant results in to relieve the pressure and pain of the body. This involves the act on muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue. This service creates excitement, relaxation and pleasure to the receiver. One who delivers this art of manipulation is known as "Masseuse or Masseur".

Massage Parlour - Is This Safe and Effective?

Most of the people looks at the massage parlour or spa centres as the dark side of the society due to some illegal activities which are prevalent in some of the unauthorised massage centres which creates the bad impression of the massage service.

For the genuine massage parlour who are well authorised the answer to this question is “Yes”. Having the massage service in a good spa centre like the Apple Spa which is legally authorised is completely safe and effective too. It is 100% safe and secure. As the best thing about the massage is the instant results which it delivers. It helps the body to be relaxed, toned and rejuvenated.

As visiting to spa in jaipur as been rapidly increasing by all age group. One must be aware of the legal massage centres and their service which they provide. The majority of spa centre in lucknow is not adequate with the proper facilities which gives a negative mind set and dissatisfaction about the massage centres.

Analysing this circumstances Apple Spa Jaipur has all the essential amenities and certified masseurs which are best at their service making Apple spa in Jaipur the best spa centre. We have more than 8 branches spread all over India and soon planning for adbroad to expand this service which is in great demand these days.

Let’s Throw light on the Advantages of the Body Massage:

● Relaxation and Peace of Mind
● Improves overall health
● Improves the blood flow and reduction in increased Blood pressure
● Relieve the muscle
● Fight with anxiety and stress
● Boost sexual powers

Having a Spa is a great idea but what kind of service do one need is the major question, Here is the list of Services provided at the Apple Spa Lucknow:

Female to Male Massage In Lucknow

Persons suffering from pain in lower back, neck, joints etc can go for Dip Tissue Massage. This is mostly beneficial for the people who are involved in sitting job. This is much more effective than the tablets or pills which gives negative impact on the body. It is also called sensual massage.

Dip tissue massage service in lucknow is best massage service for all kinds of pain and this service can gives instant relaxation to the muscles and joints. This is much in demand by the people of the age range 30+ due to long sitting jobs.

Thai Massage In Lucknow

The most prehistoric massage which helps to heal various disorders of the body. It removes toxins from the body. The major art of this massage service includes Stroking, Kneading, Rubbing, Pushing, Pulling and many more. This is the parent of yoga massage with the essence of aroma in it. This massage service is popular in the young people's. This service provides extreme level of satisfaction.

Note - For the age range above 50 this service is not recommended.

Foot Massage In Lucknow

This massage includes the nerves of the foot for relaxing the body parts. The nerves of different body parts like head, Eye, Head, hand, Back, Etc are concluded in the feet. Hence by pressing some specific part in the feet it relaxes the body. These are done by extreme precautions which are held by experts only at our spa in lucknow. One can easily contact us for the detailed procedure of this massage service in lucknow.

Reflexology In Lucknow

This is in reference to the foot massage. Different acupressure points are applied on the various nerves of the body which results in the relaxation of that specified muscle which are concerned with the nerves.

Various studies concluded that this is the best remedy for the psychological symptoms like stress, anxiety and various other disorders. This massage also helps in proper sleep which are unstabilised in this hustle bustle life.

Thai Spa

Thailand is also known as Spa Capital of Asia and it also efficiently carries the rich legacy of the spa culture. We bring you the ultimate Thai massage technique in much more traditional aspects. Our massage therapy is based on the ancient healing ritual that comprises of the manual pressure, yoga postures and herb-extracts. Our traditional massage therapy would definitely increases the energy lines in the body system that efficiently gives you extensive option.

Our massage therapists know the techniques to easily restore natural balance along with hydration of the body for getting rid of the impurities and pollutants to the excellence. Our thai massage therapy or techniques has its own healing properties with the extensive treating of various disorders and also enables the holistic rejuvenation.

Shistsu In Lucknow

Another name for the “Japanese Massage”. Pressure points which are known as “Chinese acupressure points” are used in this type of massage service. It is basically a part of Dip Tissue Massage Service. One can avail this service in a short span of time by fixing an appointment with us.

Hot Stone Massage

Includes hot and heated stones which are places at some specific nerves or muscles of the body that results in the relaxation of that specific muscle and nerves. This gives the instant result for the tensed and tight muscle.

It is also efficient in bringing back the balance of the body. This massage is new in Lucknow and are in great demand for all the age groups.

What Makes Apple Spa the best Massage service in Lucknow

One cannot just rely on the services the staff and the way of treating each individual client is more important to make client and expand our radius of service. Here are some special facilities provided by the Apple Spa which makes it different from the other parlour in jaipur.

Warm Welcome

Greetings from Apple Spa is provided to each and every client who visits here. Our humble staff will take note of all the desired requirement without any waiting time. This is possible due to the ample staff at our spa in lucknow.

Client Interaction

After the service is selected the client is given complimentary drinks and proceed to a chair. The feets are washed and oiled well. This helps in the removal of dust and relaxes your feet. Feeling of aroma massage can be smelled in the surrounding.

Staff Service

Our Huge success is due to the ample and supportive staff which are a part of Red apple massage in lucknow. Each staff is well trained in their area of expertise. No waiting period of client is required as the staff facility is at the best.


Every staff and masseurs registered with Apple Spa has a polite nature and are very friendly. We have masseuse from Thailand especially from Thai Massage. There are only trained and certified professionals which are a part of Apple Spa massage parlour in Lucknow.

The increasing lifestyle of jaipur helds to the evolution of stress and pain due to the workload on every individual. Apple Spa provides the best facility of all kinds of massage services which are held in the spa centre.

As per the client’s feedback Apple Spa Lucknow has been rated the best body massage in Lucknow.

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