Learn How to Choose a Massage to Relieve Your Back Pain

When it comes to back pain relief, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, one technique that is effective in managing back pain for many is massage therapy. Massage therapy can increase circulation to the back and also reduces or eliminates discomfort.

Know Your Back

Much of your back pain will be due to your posture. It’s important to have a proper technique to correct that. The first and most obvious thing to ask yourself is how your back is balanced. If your back is out of balance and you are in a forward- or seated position, it’s easier to work on back pain to this point. If the position is difficult to correct, just switch the sit/stand position and let the therapist work with your spine.

Stand up straight. The therapist should be able to work on moving your spine so that you are comfortably upright.

If it’s hard to sit, then sit up straight. Most people aren’t as upright as they should be. When you sit, your heels and toes are touching the floor. If your feet and toes are in the opposite direction and are touching the floor, you are supine (in a sitting position). The therapist should be able to try and get your heels and toes touching the floor so that your spine is in an upright and comfortable posture.

If you want to stand, let the therapist work with you using weight to add weight to your back.

If your back is sitting straight with no problem, just be sure to ensure that the massage is being held firm. The therapist will typically work with some form of resistance if possible.

Many of the knots that you may have will be relieved with the massage technique. A proper massage can help to increase blood flow to areas of the body.

Over time, the massage can increase your range of motion, confidence and mobility. The massage also opens your up to making new changes to your lifestyle to improve your quality of life.

See Whether a Massage is Available

Before you take advantage of massage therapy, first you have to know if there is a clinic near you or a doctor that you can talk to about treatment. An office with a massage therapist is bound to offer you the best possible treatment. Furthermore, if the therapist is skilled and can work with proper tools, this will help as well. There are ways to assess if a massage will work for you. These methods include working with your therapist, talking to your doctor and using other resources.

It can be difficult to pick the right massage technique that is perfect for you. However, if you are going to try it, you should find a therapist who can work with you and have trained in massage techniques. Most of the in-office massage services are common to homes. However, some couples consider getting a massage service.

One of the most important factors to consider is time and money. You don’t want to spend time on a therapy service that is just going to hurt you more over time. Instead, you want to create the right balance between pain management and the right treatment to restore your balance.


It has been reported that acupuncture can increase blood flow to the neck and back. For many, it feels as if the massage works on the whole lower back.

Back Pain Tips

Start with a mild application. You don’t need to go too far or require too much massage. By applying a small amount of pressure and having it for a while, you will see improvement. After a few weeks, if you are feeling no pain, then you can start getting more massage.

If your back pain isn’t going away, don’t hesitate to ask the therapist for more. Talk to the therapist about increasing the amount of massage you receive until you feel confident about the treatment.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. Even if you are experiencing severe pain or you are in pain and pain management isn’t working for you, you should call the therapist for additional assistance.

5 Reasons Why Massage Is So Necessary!

The Benefits

Massage has been proven to restore your body and mind to what it used to be like, as well as restoring and refreshing your body’s wellbeing and addressing stress and depression.

Pain, healing, relaxation, and restoration have all been strongly proven beneficial of massage therapy, and many physical ailments can be treated with massage.

Dr. Dimitris Schrempp, owner of Luxuryspa Center for Lucknow Therapies, in India is one of the world’s leading experts on holistic massage. Dr. Schrempp also leads the Luxury Spa research group in Zurich and has written many important research papers on the benefits of massage for physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Here are the reasons why massages are so beneficial:

  1. Pain

Most people are aware that massage can relieve pain in the body, but this is no myth. According to the recent Australian Medical Journal (2013) research, “More than 40,000 diverse studies (across 183 countries) demonstrate that massage is generally protective for the body and mind” and in addition, it offers a great deal of relaxing benefits for patients. Furthermore, some research has also indicated that some “medical settings are safer and more comfortable with massages”.

  1. Hypervigilance

So what does hypervigilance have to do with massages? The fear is when your body is unable to process stress well, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental problems, or if your body has to react to the stress to keep your mind in check. This is an important part of massages.

By applying pressure to those areas of your body that you usually block or avoid, such as your shoulders, back, arms, chest, and legs, massage techniques will help reset these zones of your body. As well, the added tension of a massage actually decreases tension, which in turn increases your release of the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, as we learn from the LANCER study (2018), it’s very beneficial to alleviate stress through the improvement of blood circulation and hydration by massaging your muscles – thus giving you the “perfect target for wellness”!

  1. Staying Sharp

Massages provide a great workout. By letting your muscles and tendons contract, massage helps improve circulation in your body and keeps you refreshed. Massage also improves your blood circulation. This leads to healthy cells and enhanced longevity. Studies have shown that concentration and alertness levels increase, motor memory and processing speed improve, memory improves (neurological studies), and the concentration of your hand performs better when massaged.

  1. Staying Healthy

Wellness studies have concluded that spending at least 30 minutes or more in the company of a massage therapist can improve your vitality, energy, mood, and cognition.

Basically, every moment with a massage is a good time.

  1. A Day-Long Boon

Studies have also shown that massages can have long-term beneficial effects on people who take regular daily life into consideration. They not only help lower your stress level, but also benefit your energy levels, you may experience an improvement in your heart, reduce your hypertension, relieve some of your urinary symptoms, lessen your insomnia, improve your pain levels, and even create a good mood!

Most regular medical practitioners are aware of the benefits of massage and many are in favor of it.

In addition, people from all over the world use massages for their own wellbeing, many are hypnotized while receiving massages, and some of them believe that these meditative and healing sessions also improve their sexual and reproductive health.

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10 Reasons to Get Massage for Chronic Depression

Massage can be a godsend for people who suffer from chronic depression. It can help relieve chronic pain, offer a good body toning/functional treatment, reduce stress, and increase the brain’s overall mental well-being.

Despite this evidence, many depression sufferers have trouble admitting their mental conditions to a doctor. Experiencing pain from something as simple as a cracked surface can discourage people from seeking help.

When the body hurts or shows signs of discomfort, the body interprets it as some form of distress. A doctor will more likely help an individual with mental health problems if that person feels better physically as well.

With a massage therapist you can still have body toning and relaxation, but at the same time the body will also be giving back by decreasing pain and decreasing stress in your body. It is a wonderful way to treat both of these issues in one treatment.

The Brain and Your Health

Here are some reasons to get a massage for chronic depression:

Lower Stress

Massage relieves stress and anxiety. It can help people decrease or neutralize unhealthy habits and practices such as drinking alcohol or smoking. It can also provide anxiety relief by clearing blockages of the brain.

Smoking Smoke, a risk factor for developing a chronic condition, can lead to depression. Many studies have shown smoking can result in the loss of intimacy in the bedroom and decreased affection between husband and wife.

Healthy Body Toning

A massage therapist will not only work on your body at the massage table, but also by using a vibration vibrating table that stimulates the body and increases circulation. This can help with increase lymphatic drainage, which helps reduce the risk of getting urinary tract infections.

Mood Comfort

Massage is known to increase self-confidence, which benefits your mood. Many studies have shown a link between happiness and a treatment for chronic depression.

Sleep Rest

In the fight against depression, it’s important to sleep better. Regular relaxation and sleep can reduce or eliminate depression symptoms.

Just the Try It

Many people shy away from getting a massage for various reasons. If you do something once, you can continue to do it. Even if you make sure you tell a family member or friend you want to get a massage, that’s not to say you can’t get a massage without telling them. You can tell a licensed massage therapist any time, even just for an hour or two.

When you see someone who uses massage as part of their treatment for depression, you can tell them it is okay to ask for a massage. It’s not hurting anybody. It isn’t taking time away from anything else you need to do.

Fewer Cost

A massage therapist is willing to do what it takes to improve your health and wellness. Massage therapists do this in a number of ways, like guiding your body to inhale deeper and exhale faster to help you sleep or helping you to relax or release tension.

A massage therapist is willing to do this in a number of ways, like guiding your body to inhale deeper and exhale faster to help you sleep or helping you to relax or release tension. A therapist, in a sense, is your personal trainer for your mental health.

Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health issues currently plaguing the country. The best way to heal is to treat yourself. If your depression has a physical component, a massage therapist is the perfect health care provider to treat both symptoms.