5 Reasons Why Massage Is So Necessary!

The Benefits

Massage has been proven to restore your body and mind to what it used to be like, as well as restoring and refreshing your body’s wellbeing and addressing stress and depression.

Pain, healing, relaxation, and restoration have all been strongly proven beneficial of massage therapy, and many physical ailments can be treated with massage.

Dr. Dimitris Schrempp, owner of Luxuryspa Center for Lucknow Therapies, in India is one of the world’s leading experts on holistic massage. Dr. Schrempp also leads the Luxury Spa research group in Zurich and has written many important research papers on the benefits of massage for physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Here are the reasons why massages are so beneficial:

  1. Pain

Most people are aware that massage can relieve pain in the body, but this is no myth. According to the recent Australian Medical Journal (2013) research, “More than 40,000 diverse studies (across 183 countries) demonstrate that massage is generally protective for the body and mind” and in addition, it offers a great deal of relaxing benefits for patients. Furthermore, some research has also indicated that some “medical settings are safer and more comfortable with massages”.

  1. Hypervigilance

So what does hypervigilance have to do with massages? The fear is when your body is unable to process stress well, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental problems, or if your body has to react to the stress to keep your mind in check. This is an important part of massages.

By applying pressure to those areas of your body that you usually block or avoid, such as your shoulders, back, arms, chest, and legs, massage techniques will help reset these zones of your body. As well, the added tension of a massage actually decreases tension, which in turn increases your release of the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, as we learn from the LANCER study (2018), it’s very beneficial to alleviate stress through the improvement of blood circulation and hydration by massaging your muscles – thus giving you the “perfect target for wellness”!

  1. Staying Sharp

Massages provide a great workout. By letting your muscles and tendons contract, massage helps improve circulation in your body and keeps you refreshed. Massage also improves your blood circulation. This leads to healthy cells and enhanced longevity. Studies have shown that concentration and alertness levels increase, motor memory and processing speed improve, memory improves (neurological studies), and the concentration of your hand performs better when massaged.

  1. Staying Healthy

Wellness studies have concluded that spending at least 30 minutes or more in the company of a massage therapist can improve your vitality, energy, mood, and cognition.

Basically, every moment with a massage is a good time.

  1. A Day-Long Boon

Studies have also shown that massages can have long-term beneficial effects on people who take regular daily life into consideration. They not only help lower your stress level, but also benefit your energy levels, you may experience an improvement in your heart, reduce your hypertension, relieve some of your urinary symptoms, lessen your insomnia, improve your pain levels, and even create a good mood!

Most regular medical practitioners are aware of the benefits of massage and many are in favor of it.

In addition, people from all over the world use massages for their own wellbeing, many are hypnotized while receiving massages, and some of them believe that these meditative and healing sessions also improve their sexual and reproductive health.

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